Alphons Diepenbrock Foundation

Shortly after Diepenbrock’s death, to be precise on June 3, 1921, the Alphons Diepenbrock Foundation was established. The main purpose of the foundation is to publish and distribute works by Diepenbrock, of whom hardly anything was published during his lifetime.

The Alphons Diepenbrock Foundation has cataloged, edited, published and distributed the works of Diepenbrock through its activities. Subsequently, the foundation, later in collaboration with Donemus, has a stimulating effect on the distribution and execution of Diepenbrock’s works. Diepenbrock’s oeuvre has now been published in its entirety.

An important scientific publication, partly set up by the foundation, is the “Letters and Documents” series, compiled and extensively annotated by Prof. Dr. Eduard Reeser, who served as secretary and later (1969-1985) as chairman of the foundation.

Keeping alive a composer whose work occupies an important place in Dutch cultural heritage is a task that the Alphons Diepenbrock Foundation will fulfill for some time to come, among other things by publishing the updated catalog of his works.

The Alphons Diepenbrock Foundation has ANBI status. Click here for the ANBI information.